About Colleen Weaver

          Colleen Weaver is a New York City-based Special Effects Makeup Artist and Prosthetics Designer.

     At an early age she attended the Denver School of the Arts for 7 years where she majored in Video/Cinema Arts and minored in Visual  Arts and Performance.

     While touring film studios with her class in L.A., Colleen had the pleasure of meeting Stan Winston and Adam Savage among other inspirational creators in the industry. 

     After graduation she began curating art shows, managing bands and performing the art of burlesque. These pursuits gave Colleen the opportunity to tour internationally and all over the U.S.; experiencing many cultures of live entertainment including puppetry, makeup effects, and the splendor of the costumed human.

     While working as an actor in the Atlanta film industry, Colleen found her true love of prosthetics and costume design, and decided take a break from performance to pursue more education in practical makeup effects and wardrobe.

     Colleen attended college courses in Sculpture, Stage Makeup and Drawing in her hometown of Denver, CO; and completed the Master Make-Up Artistry program at Make-Up Designory in New York, NY. 

   She continues to live and work in New York, bringing dreams to life… and sometimes nightmares.